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Royce Postpartum and Postnatal Center (Royce PPC) is the latest premium confinement center in town. Featuring 5 exclusive rooms and a landscaped garden, we offer a soothing sanctuary for mothers to relax and recuperate after the laborious effort of giving birth. The space is carefully thought out and well equipped with top notch facilities and a professional team to ensure a pleasant experience. Our lush green garden is also a natural healing ground where they can spend their time enjoying the evening breeze or indulging in an afternoon tea.

 At Royce PPC, the journey begins early as we communicate with mothers during their pregnancy to build trust and, more importantly, to provide professional opinion on practical adjustments that could benefit mothers according to their own special needs. In other words, we customize the confinement journey. It could be the much sought-after Taiwanese approach, the widely accepted scientific method, or the long-practiced traditional way. We hope that with a human touch in every single detail, confinement is no longer a dreaded period of boredom and a lonely struggle. Instead, every one of us at Royce PPC aspires to transform it into a sweet memory!


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