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Your Precious Is in Great Hands

Royce PPC is recently founded by two mothers (Lyn and EN) who are passionate about life. Both of them left home ground to raise their children abroad for many years without any helping hands. One of the most important factors that made it possible was the fact that they were given a chance to reborn after delivering their babies. For one full month upon delivery, they had time to adjust to their precious new member of the family in a private, stress-free environment. At the same time, they were nursed back to their pre-pregnancy health and vitality through proper confinement care in order to rebuild their strength in preparation for the life-long motherhood journey. Both Lyn and EN had a great start to motherhood, and that inspired them to bring the positive experience to other mothers as well.




We Are Not Alone

Numerous surveys have been conducted and they found that the Taiwanese confinement practice has been widely recognized throughout Asia, where Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan has put in place stringent regulations to regulate the operation of postpartum centers since year 2000. 

Today, the postpartum and postnatal care homes in Taiwan have developed to a very mature stage, and they have become the definite choice of confinement for nearly 70 percent of pregnant women in Taiwan. One of the founders, Lyn, who resides in Taiwan, saw the opportunity and invited the prominent and well established Yu-An Postpartum Nursing Home of Taiwan to collaborate with Royce PPC in setting up the  postpartum and postnatal care home in Malaysia.   




Yu-An Postpartum Nursing Home not only assist us in terms of technical and staff training, they also helped in baby room set up and provide us a hospital-specific mother-to-child evaluation system. While conducting health assessments of the mother and baby, well-balanced diet meal, physio-psychology for the mother, and provides intimate care for newborns for early intellectual development is our prime area to be focus on.

Our Advisor

Yu-An Postpartum Nursing Home

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